Black convict with jack dempsey

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I have never had issues with any of them eating, the jack Dempsey being the most voracious of the bunch. He has always preferred...

Convict Cichlid - Amatitlania nigrofasciata (Archocentrus I have a 200 L tank in my living room with 14 Convicts, 1 Jack Dempsey, 4 Rainbow Cichlids, 1 Giant Danio, and 2 Cory Cats. Blue Dempsey: Characteristics, reproduction, care and more. Blue Dempsey which belongs to the cichlidae family (bony fish), are hybrids and descend from the Jack Dempsey fish. They were known thanks to the uruguayan Héctor Luzardo, as a result of a genetic mutation. Convict Julie, Julidochromis regani, Striped Julie Cichlid

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I have a pair of bgjds and I had a pair of a male pink and female black con in the same 125 gallon tank and one time both pairs spawned very ... Convict Cichlid Fish - The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Convict ... Jun 21, 2014 ... Convict cichlids can be a messy fish, and should generally be housed ... caught – with mosquito larvae and live black worms being particular favorites. ..... their type on here but do you deal with Jack Dempsey Cichlids at all?

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The difference between those dithers and the Convict, is the dither is just going to try to avoid aggression, where the Convict will not, and sooner or later, the Convicts and Dempsey are going to have a showdown. Should this be a mating pair, a Dempsey could be well challenged. By that same token, if it's a mating pair, in a 55 gallon tank, you may face being over populated with Convicts in a short time too. Fish Tank 1- Convict Cichlid, Green Terror, and Jack Dempsey My college roommate and I started this tank in the fall of 2003. By the start of the spring semester we had settled on a Green Terror, Convict Cichlid, Jack Dempsey, and a Ramshorn Snail. Convict Cichlid: Everything You Need To Know | Fishkeeping World Convict Cichlid Overview. The Black Convict Cichlid (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus), also known as the Zebra Cichlid, is a freshwater fish native to the warm rivers of South America.

Want to learn more about Convict Cichlid? Check out the Convict Cichlid Wiki and if they are right for your aquarium. Convict Cichlid for sale

Convict Cichlid: Caring For, Feeding and Tanking the Zebra For the Convict Cichlids to feel settled in an aquarium, you will need to provide these fish with plenty of places to hide.