How to craft a pda2 slot token

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From Team Fortress Wiki Slot Token - PDA2 Redirect page Jump to: navigation ... Uploaded by bobo playingTeam Fortress 2 how to craft slot token heavy. bobo playing. Class Token (Object) - Giant Bomb Vote on what plays next with other Giant Bomb ... but they can also be used to craft ... 1 Axtinguisher and 1 Backburner will result in a Melee Slot Token. 1 ... Crafting - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress… Any 1 Slot Token and any 1 weapon equipped to an alternative slot.When viewing the entire backpack while selecting an item to craft, an empty slot is shown first followed by everything else in proper order, resulting in the rightmost column being displayed on the left side, the bottom-right item... Team Fortress 2 how to craft slot token secondary -…

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Best Answer: you have to use three weapons that go into the pda2 slot. as of now, that's only the cloak and dagger and dead ringer. look on the official ... TF2 Engineer Class Token [Crafting] - YouTube TF2 Engineer Class Token [Crafting] Nitroglycerin Films. Loading... Unsubscribe from Nitroglycerin Films? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... ... Crafting - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

If this parameter is omitted the string token will be returned for the strings.

Sharpened Volcano Fragment - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team The Sharpened Volcano Fragment is a promotional melee weapon for the Pyro. It is an obsidian axe with glowing lava flowing along the blade's extreme edges.

This is called "Fabricating a Slot/Class Token" If you can't craft certain tokens (like not having enough scout weapons for a scout token) then craft a seperate class/slot token, then use said token with a weapon that is for that specific class/slot (like a secondary token crafted with a melee weapon will make it a melee token, or a pyro token ...

Can you still craft a PDA 2 slot token, was it patched out PDA2 token is completely pointless. There's only 2 possible results, neither of which are valuable. Just buy the one you want for a scrap. Crafting - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki